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The Elements of Non-Profit Public Policy

USC's mpa degree

Are you a team player that also has leadership qualities that get the job done? If you are great with groups and have a strong interest in public policy, then USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy would love to have you as part of its student body. The public administration course includes a concentration on non-profit organizations, which explains how the processes fit into a non-profit environment. Check it out and gain a better understanding of the program before browsing through USC’s website.

Fundraising Efforts and Initiatives

As most people know, non-profit organizations rely heavily upon the goodwill of the public, so fundraising efforts are a huge component of the business. USC's mpa degree includes a focus on fundraising, whether students plan to go into non-profit public policy or not. The truth is that fundraising skills and expertise will always come in handy, no matter when students end up doing in the future. In the sense of a non-profit or grassroots association, fundraisers will be grand opportunities to market the organization and communicate with other individuals and business partners. In much the same way, efficient and effective initiatives (both in terms of fundraising and otherwise) will be crucial to the organization’s outreach and success.

Public and Professional Coordination

As mentioned above, fundraisers and similar projects will be a way for administrators to bring a diverse group of people together, both from the public and private sectors. It is essential that administrators and managers understand how to appeal to different demographics, which is why USC's mpa degree includes in their curriculum analytical research and market trend courses. These are pivotal to graduates’ success and effectiveness beyond the classroom. Furthermore, while in the degree program, students will have the opportunity to interact and engage with industry leaders and professionals, as well as alumni who have gone on to work with big-name non-profits or who have even created their own.

Direction and Innovation

Finally, USC's mpa degree is one of the top-rated graduate programs for those who want to work in non-profit businesses. Yet there is also a certain amount of responsibility that falls on the students at the University of Southern California. Students must be hard workers and diligent in their self-discipline. Organization and clear communication skills are a must, as is a strong command of the English language. The University of Southern California does offer an English Enrichment Program during the summer for international students. You can also visit the USC website for more details about this major and the curriculum.

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